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Introduction to Rare Ancient Coins

Rare ancient coins have made extraordinary gains in value over the last several years. ASI has partnered with ancient coin experts to bring you ancient rarities dating from over 2,000 years ago. As an asset type, ancient coins enjoy a truly expanding worldwide market demand and an ever decreasing supply.

Imagine holding a beautiful gold or silver coin that would have been used to pay a soldier in Alexander the Great's or Julius Caesar’s army. These coins have been collected by the most important world leaders since they were struck, and are crucial relics from the birth of Western Civilization as we know it.

Growth Potential and Attention to Details

Our ancient coin experts hand pick the pieces with the most phenomenal potential - high quality, ultra-rare examples with exceptional eye appeal for the grade. They comb through hundreds of coins, waiting for just the right combination of rarity and value that we pass on to you.  Look at how these three coins have done over time:

Alexander the Great Gold StaterGold Aureus of Julius CaesarArsinoe II Gold Octodrachm

Alexander the Great Gold Stater (336-323 BC) NGC Choice Mint State

Brought $5,000 in a May 2008 Goldberg Coins sale

A coin with the same grade (different coin) brought $11,000 in an August 2014 Heritage sale

Alexander the Great Gold Stater

Gold Aureus of Julius Caesar (Veiled head of Vesta)

Since 2008, only 18 of these coins graded by NGC have appeared at auction!

In April of 2000, an uncertified, accurately graded, Extremely Fine coin sold for $2,350.

Gold Aureus of Julius Caesar

In September of 2012, an NGC XF (Extremely fine) sold for $6,500 at auction.

In August of 2014, an NGC Choice XF (Extremely fine) sold for $11,750 at Heritage auction.

Arsinoe II Gold Octodrachm

An NGC AU piece sold for $8,225 in an August 2010 Heritage sale.

A similar piece sold for $10,575 in a September Heritage sale in 2011, and a comparable coin sold for $16,000 at auction in January 2015.

Arsinoe II Gold Octodrachm


Why Invest in Rare Ancient Coins?

  • Average performance of ancient coins is 11% per annum over the last 40 years.
  • The demand for ancient coins is truly worldwide. Ancient Greek, Roman, and Persian history has defined who we are today, and the coinage is a tangible piece of that history. International ancient coin auctions are attended by some of the wealthiest collectors in the world.
  • European export restrictions are decreasing supply for U.S. collectors.
  • Uncorrelated asset driven by collectors, not investors.
  • Launch of third-party grading service for ancients - Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) began grading ancients in 2008, and as a result, investors from other fields can easily participate. Certifying coins provides liquidity and an assurance of quality.
  • Thousands of years of tangible history, with a phenomenal future!

5 W’s of the Rare Coin Program

Who will guide you?

ASI has been in business since 1982, specializing in precious metals, foreign currencies, rare coins and rare stamps. ASI prides itself on maintaining a close working relationship with our clients.

What benefits do Ancient Coins afford me?

Ancient Coins allow you to acquire a truly one of a kind affordable asset class that has a proven track record for performance. Through the combined expertise and knowledge of the ancient coin market, ASI and their coin experts are committed to obtain ancient coins at a competitive price with your future portfolio goals in mind.

Where will my coins come from?

ASI and their coin experts work together to obtain your coins from our private dealer network and major coins shows around the world. We are often able to acquire coins before they go to auction, thereby avoiding auction house fees.

When should I invest in Ancient Coins?

NOW. The ancient coin market is more transparent than ever. However, it is still essential to team up with an expert to obtain the best possible results. Public auction records, online price guides and the best third-party coin certification services to date have made this a market where you can invest with confidence.

Why invest in Ancient Coins?

We will provide you with a level of expertise rarely offered to individual clients. The current economic environment has become increasingly volatile. Ancient coins offer a unique combination of tremendous upside potential along with an extremely low level of volatility.

It is unique for the average investor to work alongside an industry leading expert. But, this is exactly what you will be doing because ASI's coin experts will hand-pick your rare coin portfolio.

5 Steps to Investing with Ancient Coins

Call ASI

Give us a call so we can discuss your goals to determine how we can best help you.


If you already own rare coins or collectible coins, let us evaluate your current holdings.

Finalize a Plan

Speak with your Preferred Client Relations representative to discuss your coin options.


Best held long term (5-10 years). Sit back and watch your assets grow. We are always there to give you current evaluations of your coins.


We are there when it comes time to sell as well. Speak with your Preferred Client Relations representative to discuss and begin the process.

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