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Precious Metals to Rare Tangible Assets Conference 2014

Register now for ASI's next event, the Precious Metals to Rare Tangible Assets Conference 2014. Covering topics from precious metals, rare coins, rare stamps and collectibles, this is an event you won't want to miss! Hear from the best in the business and get your questions answered!

Click here for more information on the Precious Metals to Rare Tangible Assets Conference.



If you have purchased a 1/2-ounce Gold American Eagle in the past, graded MS-68, MS-69 or MS-70, by either NGC or PCGS, please call us right away at 877-340-0790.
As an example, just today, we offered a client $2,500* for their graded 1991 1/2-ounce Gold Eagle.

We are always looking for ways our clients can benefit from the current market, so call us to find out how you can increase that 1/2-ounce of gold by 200%, 300% or even more. Sometimes you need to sell ‘the Right Coin at the Right Price.’

We believe the best asset protection plan includes the precious metal and foreign exchange markets as well as diversifying your assets internationally to protect and grow your wealth. We have helped our clients Keep What’s Yours for more than 31 years. Since 1982, we have strived to provide first class customer service with the lowest premiums possible—fairly, and absolutely confidentially.

For more than 5,000 years, owning gold has preserved purchasing power. Call or email any of our extensively trained asset protection specialists and let us show you how we can help preserve and grow your wealth.

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